Rave Reviews!

“This show takes the storytelling medium to a new level. Someone should pick Storylines up to series. I could watch a thousand more, preferably bankrolled by a large corporate entity.”

– Michael Showalter (director of “The Lovebirds”, “The Big Sick”)

“When you can’t travel and create amazing memories of your own, why not piggyback onto the amazing travel memories of some of your favorite performers and comedians? Storylines is a super fun show that features true stories of adventure, romance, comedy, and mayhem that span the globe. Entertaining and so much cheaper than a plane ticket (that you can’t use right now, anyway)!”

– Michael Ian Black (“Wet Hot American Summer”, “Stella”)

“This f*cking year. We are trapped indoors, beset by fresh horrors that seem to dawn anew each morn, and we can’t escape. The most traveling we do is from the couch to the fridge to the closet to eat our pint of ice cream in goddamned peace. When you emerge from the darkness, damp and sticky, watch Storylines, which brings you great travel stories from brilliant storytellers and accompanied by delightful animation. This is the hilarious travel content we so desperately need right now.”

Aisha Tyler (“Whose Line Is It Anyway?”, “Archer”)

“If you’re a human who loves stories and/or lines, you’re gonna love Storylines.”
– Kurt Braunohler (“The Big Sick”, “Bob’s Burgers”)

“A charming little series that’s like Dr. Katz, but your eyes don’t hurt. Or The Moth, but without lessons. Or Jurassic Park, but many many times shorter.”

– Carrie Poppy (“Oh No, Ross And Carrie!”)

Storylines is the first project I’ve seen that captures the energy and imagination of a live storytelling event on film. They knocked it out the park. I agree to star in an upcoming episode and I understand this blurb is legally binding”

– Thomas Lennon (“Reno 911!”, “A Night At The Museum” trilogy)

Storylines is perfect because it’s fast paced anecdotal storytelling with visual aids. It’s like a friend telling you a crazy tale but, like, they also brought a power point presentation somehow.”

– Jonah Ray (“Mystery Science Theater 3000”, “Meltdown w Jonah & Kumail”)

“With our own travel restricted for the foreseeable future, there’s a certain optimistic comfort in Storylines narrators revisiting their most unexpected destinations. A lively, engaging reminder that the lessons learned are often the most important part of the journey.”

– Julie Seabaugh (comedy specials on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Comedy Central)

“With a cast like this and a producer of Beowulf Jones’ caliber this series is not to be missed!”
-Margot Leitman, best-selling author “Long Story Short, the Only Storytelling Guide You’ll Ever Need”

“A Funny, charming, heartfelt  bite sized laugh between zoom meetings. It’s like the most entertaining dinner party you’ve ever been to with fun animation and the most hilarious people. A must watch!”

– Kimmy Gatewood (“GLOW”, director “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”, “The Baby-Sitters Club”)

“Remember something called ‘travel’ where people left their homes and traveled the world and had adventures and did stuff? No? Thankfully, the uniformly charming, funny and refreshingly diverse yarn-spinners of ‘Storylines’ do. In this elegantly animated web-series, top notch storytellers generously share colorful misadventures involving an everyday act of rebellion involving a glass dildo, “scare actors” who are nowhere near as terrifying as everyday life in Donald Trump’s America and time share hustles. These winning vignettes capture the combination of wonder and horror that makes travel simultaneously mind-expandingly wonderful and quietly terrifying.”

– Nathan Rabin (author “The Weird Accordion To Al”, “My Year Of Flops”, “You Don’t Know Me But You Don’t Like Me”)

“These charming, bite-sized, hilarious nuggets hit me right when I needed them most. Don’t sleep on letting Storylines brighten your day.”

– Sina Grace (“Iceman” [Marvel Comics], “Getting It Together” [Image Comics]”, “Ghosted In La” [Boom! Studios])