About Storylines.

True-life travel stories from comedians, animated.

A new original series from Good Worker, an LA-based film studio, Storylines features eight comedians and performers telling personal stories about travel in a delightful mix of live-action and animation.

The episodes take us all over the globe, from Bucharest to Edinburgh to the jungles of Peru. Storylines debuts just in time to give us a taste of travel when we are stuck at home, and human connection when we are separated from one another — all in a bright, funny, bite-sized package.

Season includes true stories about identity, truth in social media, medical emergency, time-share scams, self-discovery, musical adventure, racism, and airport security theater.

The series features a line-up of eight talented performers whose credits include feature films, comedy specials, late-night standup, and prestige television:

Katie Featherston
(Paranormal Activity)

Rebekka Johnson

Samm Levine
(Freaks and Geeks)

Maggie Maye
(standup on Conan)

Mike O’Gorman
(Vice Principals)

Atsuko Okatsuka!
(Let’s Go Atsuko!)

Danielle Perez
(guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live!)

Ramon Rivas II
(The Half Hour on Comedy Central)

Creating Storylines

Series creator Josh Shayne is a fan of the vibrant storytelling scene (made popular by events like The Moth and Risk!) that has been growing across the US over the last two decades. A live storytelling event ranges from hilarious to surprising to emotional in one evening. Having not seen this genre effectively captured on film, he hit upon the idea for Storylines.

Producer (and veteran of the LA storytelling scene) Beowulf Jones worked with the talent to shape their stories before filming.

“Some episodes are silly, some are suspenseful, some are socially relevant, some are thought provoking. All those tones come together like Voltron in what results as a powerful storytelling mixtape. ” — producer Beowulf Jones

The series blends the energy and authenticity found in live performance with the magic of animation. Each episode features illustrated elements around the storyteller (who was filmed against a white backdrop) and fully-animated cutaway scenes.

“This was such an exciting project because I didn’t know what the storytellers were going to talk about before the cameras started rolling. It was a fun challenge to direct them, collaborate with them, and work to find a visual complement to their very distinct voices.”
— director/animator Josh Shayne

Armed with this stellar material, Shayne spent the next two years and over 1,000 hours editing, storyboarding, and interweaving the stories with hand-drawn animation. Zoe Brock, Cory Choy, and the team at NYC-based studio Silver Sound added a fun and light sound design palette.

About Good Worker

Good Worker is an LA-based film studio that loves crafting comedic stories for film, tv, and web. We’re most excited to create projects that let viewers see themselves represented on screen via a range of ideas, interests, and identities. visit goodworker.co >

Production Stills

Images courtesy of Good Worker. For use with permission. High-resolution images available upon request.

Production Credits

Created/Directed/Animated by
Josh Shayne

Beowulf Jones

Executive Producer
Cory Choy

Ezequiel Casares

Sound Recordist
Jake Robinson

Sound Design and Mix
Silver Sound

Supervising Sound Editor & Re-recording Mixer
Zoe Brock

Sound Editors
Eva Alliod
Tarcisio Longobardi
Robert Kohler

Additional Music
Pat Birk
Jacob Lazen

Production Assistants
Krysta Gonzales
Robin M. Katz
Josh Siegel

Special Thanks
James Darling
Kiran Deol
Shauna McGarry

Trailer Editor
James Darling

Premiere Livestream Producer
Joshua Louis Simon at Spinach Pie Productions